What Lingerie Will Suit My Body Type ?

Every woman wants to feel sexy and doing it the right way in the right lingerie is all you need. The secret lies in how you accentuate your body during those intimate moments. This article will guide you on how to maximize on your natural endowments using the best lingerie for your body type.


Apple Shape

  • You carry more weight on your top half and have slender legs.

Draw more focus to your bottom half and avert attention upward by wearing lacy, -cut panties. Add a full-coverage bra to have a minimized balanced look. If your chest is slightly bigger, use the right support for it.

A corset will not only accentuate your waistline and bust, but it will also smooth out your tummy troubles as well as your hips. With a pair of high-cut panties, eyes will be drawn to the décolletage and your slender legs making the corset a naughty way to compliment your figure. The idea is to have your waist cinched to create a feminine figure in your midsection.


  • You carry more weight on your thighs and hips and have a bust that is smaller.

To increase the volume of your bust and to balance out your bottom, wear a bra cup that is ruffled or a demi fit. Add a fuller panty to have a proportioned sexy finish. Try out boy shorts for coverage as well as a style that is more sensual. You will find this look both playful and functional in the bedroom

A-line silhouette will also minimize your fuller thighs and hips while feeling flirty. Choose a silk and chiffon fabric as it is comfortable and sexy. These fabrics also hide any parts that you are self-conscious about while accenting the bust.

Banana Shaped

  • You have few curves, small tush, minimal difference between the waist and bust.

To push up your bust, uses a demi cup bra to give a voluminous look. Select fine lingerie that has plenty of ruffles and frills to add volume to your body and create an illusion of curves.

Wear a panty that is low rise on your waist and a high cut along the leg to create the curvy illusion. Highlight toned slender legs to give them length with the panty point the hip-side to create gentle focus on your womanly hips.


You have a full bottom and bust with a small waist

The perfect lingerie is a bodysuit as they will complement and enhance your natural hourglass silhouette. Bodysuits come in different fabric including lace and silk to accentuate your body. Garter belts will work wonders for you as they will clasp at your waist to accent your figure. Add in a sexy bra and bra to complete the ultimate sexy look.

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The Le Bustier Boutique is a reliable shop in Washington, DC. Here you can buy Womens undergarment product in new design along with a unique collection, we also sells good material lingerie, bra, swimwear, corsets and all kinds of fashion accessories.
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