All Things Bra Fitting

Women all across the globe have the same bra trouble, at least at once in their lifetime, they are not able to nail the right bra. So where do women miss it with their undergarments? Am glad you asked, this article will strap all your bra troubles down for good.10a100_20d51f1117a74ab8aa64d83f6e05790d

  1. Women like to cling to their old bras in the same way a baby clings to its blankie. If the bra you are wearing is riding up or if the straps slip off constantly, then it is time you binned it.
  2. You can tell that your bra fits well by carrying out a small test. At the back of your bra, slip your mid and index fingers while it’s on. The fit should be snug. If both fingers cannot fit then it is too tight. In addition, your bra’s center, where the cups meet, should lie flat on your sternum.
  3. To keep your bras in good shape rotate 4-6 bras every week. Do not be tempted to wear your bra two consecutive days. Hand-wash your bras after wearing twice or thrice.
  4. Know when to splurge on lingerie and when to save. Have at least 2-3 lingerie that is sexy but sensibly priced. Have also functional yet sexy underwear and bras that will boost your confidence and are comfortable.
  5. Choose an underwire that is gentle and kind. Your bra should have a flexible support that gives all day comfort. The underwire should rest below your breasts and along the crease.
  6. If you are having underarm flab choose a bra that gives you more coverage. The bra could have cups that are higher cut as well as reinforced side panels that will contain the spillover
  7. When your bra straps constantly slip off your shoulders get a bra that has straps that are closer together on the backside. If you want straps that don’t dangle, select a bra that is U-shaped on the back.
  8. To hide the bulge on your back select a bra that is part shape wear and part sports that is breathable and light weight.

How to get a bra that is value for your money

If you are small-breasted you can easily get inexpensive, less complicated bras while the opposite is true for fuller women. To get the best bra visit best bra fitting store:

  1. Cups having a durable, soft lining to help maintain the shape of your bra after several washings.
  2. For maximum support and structure, choose a bra that has sturdy reinforcements such as vertical seaming, boning and underwire.
  3. Stitching that is smooth and tight specifically on the cups sides and around the bottom. Poorly done finishing will cause the underwire to prick through and will also tear easily.

 Le Bustiere Boutique

1744 Columbia Rd NW #2

Washington, DC 20009



About Le Bustiere Boutique

The Le Bustier Boutique is a reliable shop in Washington, DC. Here you can buy Womens undergarment product in new design along with a unique collection, we also sells good material lingerie, bra, swimwear, corsets and all kinds of fashion accessories.
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